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Understanding Bond Cleaning

Understanding Bond Cleaning

You are on the last day in your rental unit and have packed and removed all of your belongings. All that is left to do is a bond clean. You won’t get your bond deposit back from your landlord or the building owner if you don’t. Plus, you are legally obligated, anyway. But who should do the work and what will it entail? You could hire a house cleaner, but there is no guarantee that they will meet the high standards set for a bond clean inspection. Your best bet is a bond cleaner.


What Is Bond Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast Like?

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Bond cleaning, in simple terms, is a thorough cleaning of a rental property. The exact details of what is expected to be cleaned will vary depending on the individual rental agreement but will most likely include the following elements:



Bond cleaners in the Sunshine Coast will clean a bathroom from top to bottom including the toilet, shower, bathtub, floor, sink, and mirror.


To thoroughly remove dirt, stains, and odours from carpeting throughout the rental property, vacuuming, and steam cleaning processes will be necessary.


All surfaces will be wiped or dusted to remove fingerprints, dust, cobwebs, and stains. The surfaces cleaned include light switches, doors, door frames, walls, window sills, and other flat surfaces.


All flooring ranging from tile, hardwood, and carpet to vinyl, is mopped or vacuumed to remove dust, dirt, hair, and other debris.


This is much more than just oven cleaning on the Sunshine Coast. Kitchens receive extra attention with stoves, ovens, range hoods, countertops, cabinets, drawers, and sinks cleaned.


Any outdoor areas requiring cleaning are taken care of. This may include windows, patios, decks, balconies, and other outdoor living areas.


All walls and ceilings are wiped down including fans and light fixtures.

The Pros Of Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Service on the Sunshine Coast

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As noted above, bond cleaning is the most thorough deep clean process that can be applied to any location. There are some advantages to hiring a bond cleaner to clean your rental unit and they include the following:


Your Bond Deposit Is Returned

This is probably the main reason why you would even consider bond cleaning in the first place. When you hire a bond cleaner, you instantly increase your odds of seeing your bond deposit returned to you.


You Meet An End-Of-Lease Obligation

Good tenants do the right thing and one of those important tasks you are expected to do is get your rental property bond cleaned before you leave for good. It should be a requirement of your rental agreement.

It Gives Landlords A Clean Rental

With bond cleaning, landlords and building owners are assured that their rental property looks like new and is presentable for new tenants. Imagine having a showing of an apartment that isn’t properly cleaned. It will give you an impression of the landlord that may not be favourable. However, if the rental site looks spotless, you will see the landlord in a different light.


Bond Cleaning Is A Professional Service

When you hire a bond cleaning service you are hiring a professional cleaner with experience and expertise in cleaning your rental to meet the highest standards. This type of cleaner is different from a typical house cleaner but is the same as an end-of-lease cleaner.

They Are A Tremendous Time Saver

Deep cleaning is a lot of work and takes time. The last thing you may want to do is put out the energy for a bond clean after you’ve already packed and removed all of your belongings from the rental. A bond cleaner saves you time from having to do it yourself and removes the extra workload from your day.


Need A Bond Cleaner?

When you are about to vacate your rental, give the bond cleaning job to the professionals at Bond Clean Sunshine Coast. Contact them today for details on how they can help you get your bond deposit back.


In Conclusion

When you rent a property, you provide a bond deposit. When you leave that rental, you must have it professionally cleaned if you want your bond deposit back. Your odds of that happening increase when you hire a bond cleaner to do the dirty work for you.