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Stove and Oven Cleaning Tips

Stove and Oven Cleaning Tips

There is a whole lot more to cleaning your oven and stove compared to any other cleaning job in your home. It will not only take up considerable time, but it requires specific supplies to get the job done right. It is quite simply a job you can’t rush if you want to do it correctly. Here is a step-by-step look at what you need to do to properly clean your oven and stove.


Step 1 – Stove and Oven Cleaning Preparation

There are a few safety matters you need to take care of before you can start your oven cleaning project. If you have an electric stove or oven, turn off the main power switch. This is to prevent a potential mishap if liquid cleaners come in contact with parts where electricity is present. Also, allow the oven to cool down completely before you start cleaning it. For ventilation, open all kitchen windows to allow airflow. You may also wish to wear different clothes for this project. That is because oven cleaning can be a messy job and you risk getting dirty during the process.


Step 2 – Oven Cleaning Supplies

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You can’t clean your oven and stove without supplies. You could use plenty of things but instead, follow this simple list of all the items you really need to complete this task::

  • Cleaner (eco-friendly)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponges/scouring pads
  • Kitchen towels
  • Large plastic bags


Step 3 – Cleaning Oven Racks

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There is a simple procedure to follow to properly clean oven racks. It looks like this:

  • Remove racks from the oven and remove anything still stuck to them
  • Soak racks overnight in a container of cleaning solution
  • Scrub racks once removed from the cleaning solution
  • Rinse and dry the racks, then put them back in the oven


Step 4 – Cleaning The Oven

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Here is the basic procedure for cleaning the inside of the oven:

  • Apply the eco-friendly cleaner to the inside surfaces of the oven
  • Use a sponge to scrub all surfaces
  • With a wet cloth, wipe down all oven surfaces
  • Repeat the process, if needed
  • Allow the oven to air dry by keeping the door open


Step 5 – Cleaning the Oven Door

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This is the easiest of the steps when oven cleaning.

  • Open the oven door so that the glass is flat
  • Wipe off any loose debris
  • Apply the eco-friendly cleaner and allow it to sit
  • Scrub glass gently with a sponge
  • Wipe the glass clean with a dry cloth


Step 6 – Cleaning Oven Trays

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This is also an easy part of the process of oven cleaning.

  • Use a paper towel to wipe excess grease from the tray
  • Place tray in warm water
  • Add eco-friendly cleaner to the water and leave for a few hours
  • Scrub trays with a scouring pad upon return
  • Finish with a cycle in a dishwashing machine, if you have one


A Few More Tips for Oven Cleaning

If your kitchen does not have windows or the open windows do not produce enough airflow for proper ventilation, set up a fan so that it blows the cleaning fumes away from the kitchen and near a window or open door to the outside. Ventilation is an important part of this job. Even when using eco-friendly cleaning products, you must ventilate the workspace. Even an overhead stove fan that blows outdoors will help.


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The oven and stove in the average home get a lot of use daily. It is because of this that dirt and grime can build up. Plus, without regular cleaning, the debris collected by the oven and stove can become a source of germ and bacteria growth. This risk of infection of foods is a very real possibility if your oven and stove remain dirty. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple procedure to follow to remedy this situation. The oven cleaning details have been outlined above. With time and effort, you can get your oven and stove looking great. Naturally, you also have the option of leaving that task to the professional cleaners on the Sunshine Coast – Zapp Cleaning Services.